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Since 1 March 2022, the management team of Perfact Group has been at full strength again. Together with Coppe Sturmans, Fedor Kwerreveld forms the new general management team and they jointly lead the company.

Confidence in the future

Fedor started at Perfact about a year ago. He has come to know many parts of the company. In his career, he has held various board and management positions, including his previous position as director at an international security organisation. “With Fedor’s experience and strong vision, we are convinced that we can continue to develop Perfact further,” Coppe indicates. Coppe, who has been working at Perfact since 2011, knows the organisation, the colleagues, the clients and the market like no other. “Together, we therefore form a good team.  We are confident that together, we will be able to further develop and professionalise Perfact. Because we will also have to take steps within the organisation to cope with further development and growth”, Fedor continues.

Carry forward

As a management and consultancy organisation, we help organisations and people to become better. So that they, in turn, can better serve others in a sustainable way and with added value. We analyse, optimise and implement processes. “This basis is the core of our business and will always remain. We will continue to build on it, our knowledge level will remain high because we actively develop our colleagues. And we do this in an informal and professional manner and always in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. That is where our strength lies”, says Fedor.

Future-oriented and innovative

Perfact is an organisation where innovation and knowledge sharing are paramount, where people are central and where our colleagues get all the space they need to take ownership of their passion. An organisation where results and job satisfaction, excitement and relaxation go hand in hand. “And in such a way that our clients feel this passion and commitment. All the processes we analyse and implement contribute to the ambitions and objectives of the organisations we work for. I am proud that we have a real connection with our loyal clients and look forward to continuing that connection in the coming years,” Coppe says.

“In doing so, we also look critically at the future and the development of the market. We want to remain as innovative as possible. In recent years, we have introduced several ‘new services’, such as Lean Six Sigma, Industry 4.0 and Human Development. We want to put these services even more on the map, whether or not in cooperation with partners and our clients,” continues Fedor.

Sustainable development

Together, Coppe and Fedor will focus on increasing brand awareness in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In addition, they will monitor the authenticity and uniqueness that we want to continue to provide as an employer. “This remains an important part as we will be focusing on recruiting new colleagues and retaining our current colleagues in the coming period. We must not forget these core values”, says Fedor.

“Furthermore, we will continue to expand our existing services and explore new markets by deploying the ‘new services’ even more actively. We learn from every process and our colleagues do what they are good at. We will continue to actively keep their knowledge and competences up-to-date. In this way, we work on their development, where our clients also benefit from. A win-win situation. In short, with the addition of Fedor to the management team, we can continue to build on the solid organisation that we are”, Coppe concludes.