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Vulnerability as an opportunity

The society is shifting, organizations face challenges on multiple levels. The modern manufacturer faces pressure on multiple levels. There’s the ever-present need to be more effective; to do more with less and improve margins. How quickly does an Operator in a Control Room respond to alarm signals? How effective and innovative are the Maintenance and Reliability Engineers? How forward is your maintenance strategy? How error-sensitive are your processes?

We need to optimize systems and limit human intervention. Both from the point of view of safety and speed of action, as well as from the point of view of severe tightness in the labour market. But most of all to reduce waste and improve sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important in an age where climate concerns are a primary topic.


With the advent of big data, the cloud, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, there is a digital transformation with the potential to disrupt how organizations work, the fourth industrial revolution. We have more data at our disposal than ever before and the required technical knowledge to make the connection between the data and higher technical reliability and sustainable efficiency in predictive models. Unfortunately, we see lack of vulnerability and fear in many organizations to share data, which of course is completely understandable in traditional thinking. Mind you, traditional thinking is denial! But what if doing exactly the opposite could lead to insights and acceleration of various disciplines that really make the difference?

Make the difference

If organizations are willing to share data and resources and are open mind for innovation benefits, go beyond optimizing processes and maintenance of existing assets. Predictive analytics will identify opportunities in the entire Ecosystem. Manufacturers can design new products; learning form the data of existing assets and needs for production now and future. The result is a sustainable efficiency and value for everyone involved in the Ecosystem.

Controlled development

Starting with development is brave and starts with the corporate culture. Technologies are already more advance than most organizations’ capabilities to use them, they are lost in the forest of solutions, leading to uncertainty. Building a culture of trust and collaboration requires controlled development in a comfortable roadmap. Create urgency and awareness in your business and develop controlled strategy creation in adapting change in existing processes creating awareness among the team involved.

At Perfact, we are experienced in creating the roadmap, strategy, change management and teambuilding. We connect the various data sources to consolidate for a single source of truth and work together with you to meet future challenges.
As Prof. Dr. Ir. Jan Rotmans claims: “We don’t live in an era of change, but in a change of era.”

Are you open to change?

Marco Jurgen – Director at Perfact