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The world around us is changing faster and faster and the digital transformation has been present for quite some time. One of the biggest traps for organizations is to not move along with the current time but also prepare for the future. Think about it; is your organization future proof? Do you receive certain data to ensure the continuity of your business?

Questions where Perfact can support and advise you in order to set up a solid Industry 4.0 strategy. We start by investigating the current situation by using the Perfact Industry 4.0 Scan.

With the Perfact Industry 4.0 Scan we analyse the areas: leadership, culture, people, organisation and technology to see where an organisation stands today and where the opportunities lie.

Depending on the maturity of your organisation and your ambitions in this area, a suitable roadmap with concrete project proposals is drawn up, and a thorough Industry 4.0 strategy can be set out for one or more of the examined themes.

It is often useful to start with small manageable pilots with a clear goal and business case, from here we, together, look at the possibilities of up-scaling and integration of technologies. This also gives direction to future projects where one of these five themes are part of the scope.

Perfact supports and guides your organisation through all phases of the digital transition. We are and remain your partner and point of contact throughout the entire process. That is how we make the difference.

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