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Leon Mullers, Senior Consultant

On 6 January 2020, Leon Mullers (58 years old) joined Perfact Group as Senior Consultant, specialised and certified Automotive Functional Safety Professional (AFSP).
A short introduction:

“Hi, I’m Leon Mullers. As Senior Consultant AFSP I am responsible for preparing and supervising certification processes for ISO, EN-NEN and other systems/certificates. I have studied mechanical engineering, electro/mechanics and technical business administration and have extensive work experience in the automotive sector; a market in which Perfact wants to expand its field of work. This is where my focus will be, as well as innovation within mobility in general.

In close cooperation with our business ‘Industry 4.0’, I will look for reinforcement and synergy within the various disciplines, aimed at even better solutions for our customers. The cooperation with fits in perfectly with this. Their roadmap for the Dutch automotive industry with an emphasis on Smart Mobility, Green Mobility, Materials and Manufacturing is a valuable addition to our expertise and working methods.

Perfact stands for ‘Make the difference’. I feel at home with that. You make the difference with new insights, unburdening the customer, sharing knowledge. Doing things differently together. That’s why I chose Perfact.

During the first few weeks, I mainly studied the culture and approach of the organisation. Then it’s time to meet customers and employees. I really feel like going down this road and making a difference together with the entire Perfact Group.