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*** update 21st of April 2020 *** Marco Jurgen leaves Perfact Group

Perfact Group, based in the former Abshoven monastery in Munstergeleen, realises optimisation at production companies. From a broad field of vision, the focus is on technology, organisation and processes.

Marco Jurgen and Coppe Sturmans will be the new directors of Perfact Group from 1 January 2019. In their new position, they will succeed the current board and founders, Jo Reinders and Frank Bessems.

Confidence in the future

Perfact Group is proud of the arrival of the new management board and expects that the two gentlemen with their broad backgrounds will be able to further deepen and broaden the organisation.

With a professional basis since 1987, Perfact Group was founded in 2004 by Jo Reinders and Frank Bessems. They felt it was important to work together in a familial manner at a high level of knowledge. Frank Bessems, current director and owner of Perfact Group: “I am very happy with the arrival of Marco. We welcome him with open arms into our family. But we also wanted to keep the new management partly within the ‘Perfact family’. Coppe has been working for Perfact Group for years and knows the company, its customers and the market like no other. Together with Marco, Jo and I see that they are the right people to further develop the company”.

“And not just us, but I speak for the whole company. I am confident that with Marco and Coppe we will achieve the growth that we as Perfact Group have in mind. Together with Frank, we will continue to share our knowledge and experience with the new team. That’s why I’m looking forward to the future and to a pleasant collaboration. Our thanks go out to all our customers and employees over the past 15 years. We also wish Coppe and Marco this trust and pleasure”, says Jo Reinders.

Current positions

Until his appointment at Perfact Group, Marco Jurgen (45) was Commercial Manager at Strukton Worksphere, where he was responsible for New Business and client development for national Corporate clients. Marco has a background in mechanical engineering and many years of experience within industry and utilities in relationship, commercial and sales management.

Coppe Sturmans (31) joined Perfact Group in 2011. Over the years he has held various positions in the field of manufacturing, maintenance & reliability. This on both a technical and organisational level. He currently combines the positions of Business Manager and Consultant.

New roles

“We are extremely motivated with our future new role as management of Perfact Group. An organisation where innovation and knowledge sharing are paramount, where people are central and where employees are given every opportunity to take ownership of their passion. An organisation where results and job satisfaction, excitement and relaxation go hand in hand,” says Marco Jurgen. Coppe Sturmans adds: “And in such a way that cooperation partners and clients feel this passion and commitment and can work with it within their own organizations. All our concepts and processes actually contribute to realizing the ambitions and goals of the organizations we work for. We are proud that we have built up a real connection with our loyal customers, but we also look to the future with a critical eye. We look forward to continuing to develop in the coming years in connection with market developments, our cooperation partners and customers. We do this by listening carefully, by working together, but also by being a little stubborn”.

Looking ahead and renewing

Marco Jurgen and Coppe Sturmans will focus on increasing brand awareness, expanding existing services, exploring new markets and actively developing innovations. They will also continue to monitor the results of the employee satisfaction survey. The basis for cooperation with customers is the knowledge and right people that Perfact Group has in-house. “We learn from every new process. Colleagues do what they are good at and we strive to make even better use of their knowledge”, explains Coppe Sturmans. The new management of Perfact Group is looking ahead, to a fresh renewal of a solid and well-known organization that is open to change and renewal.

About Perfact Group

“Ever since Perfact was founded, we’ve been doing things our own way. We achieve better plant performance for our customers. A world that consists of protocols, rules and processes. However, we believe that breaking through these provides new insights that increase our knowledge and take our customers further. We see the world as a challenge, with opportunities and possibilities.

We want to be the best service provider in our field. We do this by offering added value: we share our knowledge, tackle problems at the core and focus on long-term solutions. Our responsibility is to unburden our clients so that they can fully focus on their core business. Ultimately, everything revolves around people and their environment. We are careful about that. Our people are selected and trained on this basis and are thus guaranteed to be ‘the right solution for the job'”.