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“Acquisition strengthens market position and is a logical step in the focus on innovation”.

With effect from 1 January 2020, Perfact Group will take over the individual coaching, team coaching, organisational development and systemic executive search activities of PetersJeurissen, with Jean Peters and Karina Jeurissen joining Perfact Group. Perfact Group will continue the existing services of PetersJeurissen and fully integrate them into its services portfolio.

Looking ahead, renewing and growing together

“The acquisition of PetersJeurissen is fully in line with our growth ambitions and is a logical step in the innovative expansion of our services portfolio where the focus is on a unique combination of people, process, service, product and technology”. according to Marco Jurgen, Commercial Director of Perfact Group. By joining forces, we can serve our customers even better, be innovative in our services and expand our market share,” says Jean Peters.

“In addition, the acquisition also brings new growth opportunities by connecting the profit and non-profit sector in a unique way”. according to Karina Jeurissen. Coppe Sturmans, Operations Director Perfact Group looks ahead “With the advent of big data, the Cloud, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, a digital transformation is underway that touches every facet of the way we work and have to behave. For example, our joint challenge for 2020 will be to guide organisations in the transition to this digital transformation and its effects on their employees and business operations”.

About PetersJeurissen

Coaching and consultancy according to the PetersJeurissen method? These are proven coaching techniques in combination with unconventional working methods, such as energetic, systemic and even spiritual techniques. Without frills. Just a little bit different and always with the focus on development!

The know-how and experience is broad and focused on: individual coaching, team coaching, (management) consultancy, systemic executive search and organisational development.

About Perfact Group

Perfact Group is a Consultancy organisation that acts as a knowledge partner for companies and institutions. We believe that constant development takes us and our environment further. We analyse companies and institutions and guide them towards the desired Operational Excellence.  Our professionals have broad knowledge & experience and connect in a unique way by creating space for new ideas and sharing the acquired knowledge. Through an open view on people, work and environment, in co-creation and co-innovation.

Our “Why” is to strengthen your ecosystem in order to jointly meet a social need and build a future together with sustainable use of people, process and technology.

Perfact – Make the Difference