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With effect from 1 January 2021, Perfact Group will take over LTV-trainingen. LTV is a specialist in the field of experiential learning, team formation and development and leadership development. With this, the organisation takes the next strategic step in the field of coaching & (interim) management.

PetersJeurissen Coaching & Consultancy joined the organisation in 2020. Domique Grosjean of LTV-trainingen, together with Jean and Karina Peters-Jeurissen, will further expand the business Coaching & Management Consultancy within Perfact Group.

Strengthen, connect and develop together

The contribution of LTV-trainingen is a valuable addition to the expertise within Perfact. Dominique Grosjean has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of experiential learning in a team context. He guides participants, in an enthusiastic and respectful manner, in their development and provides insight into both individual and team behaviour.

Perfact: make the difference

As a management & consultancy organisation, Perfact analyses, optimises and implements processes. We do this at companies, institutions and governments, in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. In doing so, we focus on the sustainable deployment of people, resources and methods. By always looking for the question behind the question, we realise long-term solutions. In the firm conviction that co-creation and co-innovation will take everyone further. In this way, we help our clients to become better. That way, they in turn serve their customers better. That’s how we make the difference together.