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About Us

We are Perfact. We want to make a difference. Every day. We help our clients become better, so that they can serve others better in the short and long term. That way, we build a sustainable society together. We do so not only with the right knowledge and experience, but especially with a large team of enthusiastic professionals.

We love to work together

We believe that co-creation and co-innovation take us further. To this end, we prefer to fully integrate within the organisations we work with, while also working closely with knowledge partners. We like to share our knowledge and are always open to new ideas and insights. We have maintained this open mind since our establishment in 2004. It makes us accessible and reliable as a business partner and employer.

The bar is set high, therefore we strongly encourage all forms of personal development and individual ambition. That's how we make the difference.

Coppe SturmansDirector


Our mission is simple: we want to make a difference. Together with our clients, we contribute to innovating and improving products, services and processes so that they can serve their customers even better. We live in a world that offers continuous challenges and opportunities to be innovative – we strive for personal growth and think outside the box to discover fresh ideas that expand our knowledge and move everyone forward.


To be recognised as a valuable knowledge partner but also employer, we know that trust and loyalty are most important. Our professional culture and family values promote good atmosphere and customer relations. We see our world as a challenge, with opportunities and possibilities. We are open to ideas and opinions, research, develop and adjust when necessary.

It is not only about the most efficient work processes and the most knowledge, but also about our focus on employees, their development and job satisfaction.

Fedor KwerreveldDirector


We are aware of the major challenges currently facing the world and the importance of contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. To increase our impact and be purposeful, we have chosen to focus on the Sustainable Development Goals that best fit our DNA:

  • SDG 3: Good health and well-being
  • SDG 4: Quality education
  • SDG 8: Decent work & economic growth
  • SDG 9: Industry, innovation & infrastructure
  • SDG 12: Responsible consumption & production