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The world altered yet never so fast as now. Ever again continued innovate to the technology at at hold asks much from organizations and their teams. Not only the correct knowledge and skills, but also the correct people on the correct spot. By resource of consultancy support we from Perfact there where er need to is, and make we your organization together future-proof.


In our experience, there are very few bad companies. Bad strategies, on the other hand, there are plenty of them. This is unfortunate, because a good strategy motivates the organization’s employees and gives customers confidence. Perfact helps organizations define a strategy to better serve their customers. We do this by jointly seeking answers to the questions and applying our knowledge, experience and creativity where needed.


Our cusultants work close work with clients to better understand their needs and at Search for the optimal fit of business processes, technology and organization. Using proven methodologies offer we solutions that make the differenceand. With our scans we inventory qualitative and quantitative data to arrive at new insights, risks manageable and move our clients forward. Especially in a world where the traditional PDCA cycle is too slow and one needs to innovate based on trust, a dynamic scan is interesting on optimization potential mapping.

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Portfolio Program & Project Management

Without effective strategic planning, it is difficult to make the right choices and become successful in project management. Strategic portfolio and program management focuses on our client’s future. Perfact Group supports the creation of the overview and action plan defining the business goals of the future. This plan comes about by understanding current and future operational priorities and is dependent on available resources and various preconditions.

Perfact Project Management

ERP & functional software consulting

We see software not as an end, but as a means. If applied correctly, set up properly and tailored to your goals and needs, software can add high value. We support the implementation of project specific solutions such as Maintasc, MSProject and Primavera, as well as ERP systems such as SAP and or more asset management focused systems such as Maximo and Ultimo

Our professionals have been providing consulting and implementation consultancy on software and the underlying business processes for many years. We support you throughout the entire process; from selecting the appropriate software, to support after the actual go live.


Our clients are in a continuously challenging market; set requirements and changing conditions force adjustments or restructuring. New markets offer new opportunities. Regulations and risks require a response. To understand the complexity and source of our customers’ demand/target, Perfact fully integrates into the organization. After a thorough analysis, we advise on strategic and tactical matters. This advice helps our clients make the right choices in how to deal with changes and challenges. Sound advice, gratefully using our team of specialists.


Perfact Group has developed audit and verification methods that ensure that the purpose of the project or the TurnAround is not lost sight ofand lost and, if necessary, be timelyand adjusted. In existing TurnAround– and project organizations, our independent specialists can provide insight into the status of the process. We identify underexposed issues that pose a risk, provide targeted solutions and exploit opportunities to achieve the maximum project result. This on both scope content, organization and support functions.

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