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Successful Turnaround Management

A turnaround, also known as TA or TAR, is an essential but capital-intensive intervention within plants or refineries. In this process, a specific section or even the entire plant is temporarily taken out of service for inspection and maintenance.

Of course, this crucial operation entails not only costs for all the employees and resources that are involved, but also major revenue losses due to lost production. During turnarounds, more anomalies than expected may arise. Therefore, staying on schedule is extremely challenging and requires highly experienced managers, also known as turnaround managers.

Failure to finish a turnaround on schedule can have far-reaching consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to take the right approach and have a reliable partner to bring these complex operations to a successful conclusion.
Perfact helps organizations get the maximum return from a turnaround in accordance with predefined goals. From initial planning to project closure, our experienced professionals can make a difference in all areas of expertise within the turnaround organization.
The success of a turnaround is largely determined by the completeness and quality of the preparation process. To ensure correct and complete execution, we use multiple audits, checks and verifications throughout the turnaround cycle. Our critical eye reduces the risk of rework and ensures an optimal balance between time, cost and results.
We can provide support in various crucial aspects of the process:

1. Management

Our experienced consultants lead the entire turnaround process (on-site where necessary), carefully planning and coordinating every detail.

2. Coordination

Coordination is paramount, as different teams and disciplines must work closely together for smooth execution.

3. Scoping

We define a clear scope to ensure that all necessary work is done, without overlooking important aspects.

4. Planning & Preparation

Our specialists draw up detailed plans and prepare for potential challenges to maximize efficiency.

5. Scheduling

Tight scheduling minimizes downtime and ensures smooth project progress.

6. Procurement

We help select and obtain the right materials and resources for a successful turnaround.

7. Cost Management

Cost control is essential to ensure the turnaround stays within budget.

8. Execution Verification

We ensure the quality of execution so that all set standards and specifications are met.

9. Turnaround HSEQ Management & Coordination.

Safety is our top priority, and we ensure strict monitoring of all HSEQ aspects during the turnaround.

At Perfact, we have a proven track record of executing successful turnaround for various clients in the industry. Our dedicated professionals are ready to support and guide your business through these critical operations. We are committed to achieving optimal results and minimizing downtime. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out how our turnaround management expertise can lead your business to success!

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