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Sustainable Development Goals

As an organization, we believe it is our duty to contribute to a better world, and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a clear direction to achieve this. At Perfact, we focus on achieving these goals through sustainable business practices and community engagement. Read on to find out how we contribute to the SDGs and how you can contribute by working with us.

Good Health & Wellness

Healthy people are the basis for sustainable development. SDG 3 stands for a world where everyone has access to quality health care and where diseases and epidemics are prevented. We are committed to these goals by working toward safer and healthier work environments, promoting preventive measures and encouraging healthy lifestyles. To contribute to job satisfaction and provide a pleasant work environment, we must put the mental and physical health of our employees first. One way we do this is by offering our professional knowledge from Human Development not only to our clients, but also to our own colleagues.

Fred HutRegiomanager Zuid Nederland

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Innovation and technology are key to sustainable development and economic growth. SDG 9 focuses on promoting innovation, infrastructure and sustainable industrialization. We are committed to these goals by investing in research and development and encouraging innovation within our company and beyond. Perfact wants to contribute to innovation by striving for progress and improvement. We want to continue to expand our knowledge and experience and use this knowledge and experience to support our partners in innovating all business processes and human capital.

Watch the video: we regularly collaborate with universities to contribute to the development of future professionals. We did this project together with ProfCore, Meet the Youngsters and Soapbox Youth Marketing to familiarize future employees with the latest developments in the technical field.

Quality Education

Distribution of knowledge is the key to economic development and personal growth. SDG 4 focuses on improving access to quality education and promoting lifelong learning for all ages. We are committed to these goals by encouraging learning and development within our company and by supporting educational projects. Knowledge must be accessible to all. That’s why we make our contribution at colleges – that’s also how we bring education and business closer together. In addition to our services, we also offer training through our Perfact Academy. This is how we bring education and business closer together and give maximum substance in the transition from knowledge to wisdom.

Knowledge is our greatest asset - so at Perfact we do everything we can to safeguard and share it as best we can.

Bas MooijMaster Black Belt Lean Six Sigma

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Economic growth can only be sustainable if it is accompanied by decent work and economic opportunity for all. SDG 8 focuses on promoting sustainable economic growth, productivity and employment for all. We achieve this goal by offering jobs that are substantive in quality. This way, we contribute to maintaining and promoting employment in our sector. We are also committed to sustainable growth by embracing and expanding equal opportunity, inclusiveness and diversity within our team.

Our goal is not only to provide a workplace with clients, but to give our colleagues an opportunity to reach their full potential. Everyone will be much better off in the end.

Niels DullensAccountmanager Zuid-Nederland

Responsible consumption & production

Sustainability is the basis for a livable future. SDG 12 focuses on promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns, and reducing waste and pollution. We are committed to these goals by reducing our own carbon footprint and by promoting sustainable production processes at our customers.

We want to contribute to a more sustainable future by being aware of and improving our carbon footprint in all parts of our organization. In addition, we also strive to contribute to sustainability by realizing optimization and efficiency projects at our clients’ facilities to reduce their pressure on the environment.

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