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Effective project management

Effective project management is invaluable to the success of an organization. Project management is the key to achieving goals, optimising processes and achieving growth. With a structured approach, projects are delivered on time and on budget while maintaining quality. Project management provides clarity, focus and efficiency – allowing you and your team to focus on the essentials of the work.

Why is project management hot always on top of the list?

Even the most organised organisation can sometimes struggle with project management. The pressures of daily operational tasks can distract attention from crucial projects. Moreover, limited resources and expertise can lead to delays and suboptimal results. Without a clear project management structure, projects can spiral out of control and lead to customer and team member dissatisfaction. It is essential to anticipate and take the right measures to keep your projects on track.

What is the added value of a consultant?

Hiring an experienced consultant as a project manager provides the solution to effectively and successfully execute your projects. Consultants specialise in overseeing a variety of projects and bring valuable expertise to the table. Here are some reasons why a consultant is a smart choice:

1. Expertise and experience: consultants have extensive experience in project management and have the right skills to take your projects to the next level.

2. Objectivity and focus: as an external party, a consultant offers an objective view of your project, free from the influence of internal factors. This allows full focus on project goals and outcomes.

3. Efficiency and cost savings: consultants are adept at organising projects efficiently, making the best use of time and resources. This leads to cost savings and better ROI.

Project Management and Perfact

The success of a project starts with a proper definition of wants, needs and necessity. Perfact therefore starts each project with a “Kick-off meeting” to create an ideal working relationship with its client. In this meeting, where the project scope is defined, we also define project control processes and requirements (including organizational structure, communication and reporting).

In addition to this “kick-off meeting,” we schedule several project status reviews to maximize customer satisfaction and customer engagement. These reviews provide opportunity to structurally update on quality, schedule, costs, recommendations and advice. If necessary, we make adjustments.

Our project managers, project leaders and project staff ensure that your projects are delivered on schedule, with the right resources, within budget and according to the agreed quality requirements.

Our experts can be deployed both ad interim and on a project basis within operations and projects. They work according to well-known project management methods such as Prince2 and PMI and are all VCA certified.

Which project do we get to work on?

Niels Dullens | Account Manager

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