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Chemistry & Industry

With Chemelot and Brightlands “around the corner” from our headquarters, we know the chemical and industrial sector like no other. As a consulting and staffing firm, we have everything we need to respond to any challenges that arise. We look for the right solutions that add value – be it optimizing processes, implementing digital transformation or improving operational performance. Read more…

Together, we will build a solid foundation for success and help your organization stay ahead in this dynamic and competitive industry. As a partner, we work closely with you, understand your company culture and identify the right professionals to work on your projects. In doing so, we bring to the table knowledge and experience gained from other leading organizations in the industry.


Good connections in the travel, logistics and infrastructure sectors are essential. These sectors play a crucial role in moving people and goods quickly, safely and efficiently. However, with the ever-changing world, logistics and infrastructure are becoming more sophisticated, and at the same time more complex – that brings challenges. Read more…

With our deep understanding of how the logistics and infrastructure sectors work, our extensive experience, advanced analytics and unparalleled network of experts, we are able to turn those challenges into opportunities. We strive to optimize both internal and external logistics of companies, keeping vital supply chains operational and technologies effectively deployed.

Healthcare & Pharmacy

Healthcare faces ongoing complexity due to changing markets, regulations and consumer expectations. As a consulting firm, we provide valuable solutions that drive innovation, reduce costs, optimize digital technologies and realize sustainable value. Read more…

At Perfact, we not only put knowledge and technology into practice, but also look at people – an important factor within this sector. In addition, we use our operational expertise to improve performance, increase revenue and improve operating income. Our focus is on seizing opportunities in the value chain for generics, branded drugs, established products and biosimilar products and forging connections between industry stakeholders.

Government & Public Sector

Around the world, all levels of government and public sector organizations are facing financial pressures and challenges of increasingly accelerating urbanization. How they address these challenges affects every part of a country’s economy. Read more…

Perfact works to deliver meaningful results through a deep understanding of the challenges and how the public sector operates. We focus on optimizing master data management to improve process control combined with human performance development through individual and team coaching. We focus on talent transformation, optimizing personal capabilities, breaking silos for better collaboration and promoting agility. Through these initiatives, we can help leaders lead impactfully and continually develop, resulting in positive improvements for those they serve.

Energy & Environment

Like many other organizations, we too have ambitious sustainability goals. It’s necessary – the climate is changing, and that affects supply and demand within this sector. From our own experiences with this sector, we like to think about the most sustainable approach – whether it is investing in renewable gas, digitizing operations or mastering technologies such as AI and IoT. Read more…

Together with our clients, we place projects in a broader perspective. Our integrated approach focuses on resource efficiency, future-proof design, waste reduction and concrete steps toward a circular economy, among other things. A smaller carbon footprint starts with ourselves.

Raw materials

Fluctuating global commodity prices, changing international and regional legislation, our global footprint and many innovations require smart, strategic thinking. We help mining, metals, forest products and construction materials companies make a difference in becoming safer and more sustainable. In doing so, we make the production chain independent, from extraction to completion. Read more…

This can be in the form of autonomous operations, sustainability initiatives efficiency in the supply chain or workforce productivity. We offer a unique combination of industry knowledge, technology expertise and strategic vision to deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions for flexibility within this industry.

Consumer Products

The consumer is one of the most volatile factors within the economy. The demand for products is constantly changing, which requires a high degree of adaptability. Especially when, as an organization, you also have to consider suppliers and, of course, sustainability. Read more…

To stay ahead of the competition and serve consumers well, it is essential to continuously improve prcesses. Digital transformation can be an option here, but we also like to look at other ways to reduce costs or improve performance.

Food & Beverage

Manufacturers in the food industry face many challenges, including strict government regulations, special working conditions and complex equipment requiring specific maintenance expertise. Each industry has its own challenges and problems. Manufacturers in the food industry also face one important exception; their product is intended for human consumption. Read more…

Together with our clients, we place projects in a broader perspective. Our integrated approach focuses on resource efficiency, future-proof design, waste reduction and concrete steps toward a circular economy, among other things. Perfact advises and supports its customers to become more competitive and “healthy” for the future.

High Tech & IT

Technology never sits still – today’s innovations are already irrelevant tomorrow. This requires the continual reinvention of business processes in order to continue to create value for customers and maximize market opportunities. Perfact supports by guiding your organization through any technological transformation and strategic renewal. Together we are building a future-proof organization.

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