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As a knowledge organisation it’s only natural that we provide our own courses. A solid prior education and extensive work experience ensures that our colleagues can perform their work in a professional manner. Constant training and education ensure that the level of knowledge continues to improve and with it motivation.

Improve your level of knowledge at Perfact Academy

We continuously focus on improving our services by evaluating and further developing our methodologies. In addition to the knowledge and experience we gain in practice, we also invest in our own colleagues to train and retrain them as needed. This way, we ensure quality in all our services.

In addition to training our own colleagues, we also train individuals or teams. We offer a variety of courses with different specialties. From maintenance to optimisation and scheduling to Lean training. All aimed at making organisations and people better.

Always up to date

Our courses are based on the most current insights. We teach you to apply them directly in practice. That’s how you get results quickly.

From workers, for workers

Our specialists have years of practical experience. This makes our trainings not only interesting but also extremely effective.

Sharing knowledge

It’s all about knowledge and applying it correctly. We believe in the power of sharing our knowledge. Everyone benefits from that.

Perfact LEAN Academy

Within the Perfact LEAN Academy, we provide Lean training courses accredited by the leading accreditation institute LCS (Lean Competency System).

We are one of the few in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to offer a unique concept where the theoretical quality is guaranteed and matches the reality in practice. All of our course are focused on the practical applications of Lean methodologies and designed in such way that they support continuous improvement. This is how we work together on sustainable process development at organisations. Something we at Perfact strive for every day.

An additional added benefit is the consultancy component which is woven into our Lean training courses. This means that in practice, guidance takes place on Lean projects.

Selection Aid Lean Training


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