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Perfact now employs some 200 people. All at different clients, with different functions and within different departments and sectors. This time we introduce you to Pablo Scheepe, 51 years old and working as a work planner at Pre Zero Roosendaal.

Hey Pablo, why did you actually pick Perfact as your employer?

My former employer always widely proclaimed that they would invest in people and their development, for example in soft skills. Perfact was a bit more subtle about this, but actually does invest in their people.

You have now been working for Perfact for over three years. What do you like most about your work so far?

Perfact Group (division West Netherlands in particular) is still clearly growing on various levels. It is nice to witness this from the sidelines, as well as contributing to that growth by leaving a positive impression with new clients. I also like the fact that I don’t necessarily have to climb the career ladder; I am appreciated as a work planner. However, should I ever feel the need to grow further or do something else, I know I can count on advice and support.

If you could do any profession in the world, what would you choose?

Work planner, of course!

What do you get a lot of energy from?

Holidays! But… you need to work first to earn them, of course. I also get a lot of energy from a shutdown that has been rounded off successfully.

What is the most interesting place you have ever visited?

There are two. The first is Zhangzhou in China, at the time I was there it was a developing city. The many old crafts you still find there stand in beautiful contrast next to hyper-modern factories.
The second is Alaska, United States. In my opinion, the people here are nice and down to earth, and the nature there is really breathtakingly beautiful and rugged.

If you were to cook for your colleagues, what would you cook?

Ajam Palembang, Pepesan, Nasi Kuning and a Sajoer Lodeh. Just to be clear; this is not going to happen .