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Project Management


No matter how carefully projects and or turnaround are planned, it remains a continuous challenge to ensure that the scope is delivered on time, on budget and in accordance with all preconditions. Unforeseen deviations can hinder success. Audits can recognise and spot these early on.

Pitfalls occur in every project. These are the most common obstacles we encounter with clients:

  • Insufficient involvement of end users and Key stakeholders
  • Unclear objectives and requirements
  • Changing requirements, scope changes, wrong priorities
  • Inadequate support from senior management
  • Poor management of people, resources and methods
  • Inadequate use of available knowledge and expertise

Perfact Group has developed audit and verification methods that ensure that the goal of the project or turnaround is not lost out of sight and may be adjusted in time. In existing turnaround and project organisations, our independent specialists can provide insight into the status of the process. We identify underexposed issues that pose a risk, provide targeted solutions and exploit opportunities to achieve the maximum project result. On scope content, organisation as well as support functionalities.

Our audits and verification methodologies cover all phase of a project or turnaround from initiation to closure including a post-audit evaluation.

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Maarten De Proost | Regional manager Belgium

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