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Selection Aid Lean Trainig

To ensure that those processes also continue to run smoothly, Lean centers on people. In fact, an improvement culture within the organization is really essential in this regard. So it is advisable to train people in such a way that they at least know what Lean means and what you can do with it.

Which LEAN training is right for me?

At Perfact, we offer courses for every level. Think of it as boarding an airplane; you board at the desired spot, taking your prior knowledge with you as baggage. And although we all sit in different chairs, we do all go for the same goal: thinking and working the lean way.

With which LEAN training should I start?

For our Orange Belt training, you do not need any prior education. If you go for this training, you will learn the basics of Lean to begin with. This is useful if, for example, the company you work for uses this method but you don’t have to use it yourself that often. It helps you to better understand some of the business processes and motivations within the organization. In addition, of course, it would be nice to know what your colleagues are talking about when they are chatting about DMAIC and Spaghetti Diagrams.

Do you have bigger plans for Lean? In that case, the Orange Belt would still be a suitable choice. After completing this training, the employee will be able to systematically analyze processes and contribute to their improvement. The Orange Belt is perfect when you want to advance to Green Belt later.

Lean Management Training

In addition to our Orange and Green Belt, we also offer the LEAN Management Training. This is a unique training course designed especially for so-called lean champions. It contributes to coaching a transformation from a traditionally organized organisation to a lean management organization. The focus will not so much be on applying Lean content, but rather how to create a good learning environment in your leadership role. So while this certainly requires you to know the components of Lean thinking, the facilitation role is the focus of this training.

Why Lean Perfact Academy?

As a knowledge organisation, we train not only our own people, but also individuals and teams from clients and other organizations. Our consultants apply the method daily with our clients, so we have all the knowledge we need to properly convey the principles of Lean Thinking. Not only do we dive into the theory, but we use practical examples to apply relevant topics. In addition, students for the Green and Black Belt also carry out a practical assignment in their own field.

Hopefully this selection guide has already helped you choosing a training. Do you have any questions, or are you interested in one of our courses? Please feel free to contact us. Bas Mooij and his Lean team are happy to help!

Let's work together!

Bas Mooij | Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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