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Recently all 10 selected talented employees of the municipality of Sittard-Geleen started the Talent Program. The goal is to let these talents grow personally and contribute to the organizational development of the municipality of Sittard-Geleen.

The project is part of the Future Vision 2030 in which the municipality has been building for some time on an organization that works from ‘outside in’. An organization in which there is more experimentation with new organizational styles and cooperation initiatives. Not only within the municipality but also with companies and inhabitants. Perfact Group and @Mens will coach and guide the group of talents both individually and as a group during the entire process.

Preparatory process

The project was started with an internal vacancy to which one could apply. Subsequently, a selection day took place in which all applicants were given the opportunity to present themselves. “This pitch had to focus on what the applicant wanted to learn during his or her participation in the talent program, but also on what he or she would contribute to the group,” says Vivienne Lodder of the municipality of Sittard-Geleen.

After this first selection round, a second round took place in which the remaining applicants had an in-depth interview with several (external) board members and an HR advisor. “In the end, 10 incredibly nice candidates remained from this final round who will continue to develop and commit to the talent program over the next 2 years,” Vivienne continues.

Coaching and guidance

The candidates, with different talents from various disciplines, started the program with a two-day introduction. In addition, they will work together in the coming period on a group assignment that is all about ‘bringing the outside in’. Personal leadership and learning from and with each other in the group is an important part of the program. Coaches of Perfact Group and @Mens will support them during group days and individual coaching moments.

“Coaching processes in team or individual form is nothing new for us and we do it every day with a lot of passion and commitment. What makes this project special is that the group will also work on an ‘from outside to inside’ assignment,” says Jean Peters, Coach and Management Consultant at Perfact Group.

During the ‘from outside to inside’ assignment, the talents will play a role as a promoter and connector between various organizational units, contributing to the municipality’s ability to innovate and improve as an organization. “During the assignment, certain problems or issues will emerge that must be dealt with. Different interests must be weighed and choices made. In any case, we are looking forward to making our contribution to this, together with the expert coaches and supervisors Joyce Moesman and Henk-Jan Tromp from @Mens”, finishes Karina Peters-Jeurissen, Coach and Management Consultant at Perfact Group.

Curious to see how the talents develop further in the project? Keep following us for updates!