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When you work with organisations, you work with people. That is why we are very happy that ‘people person’ Ive Torfs (29) has joined our team in Belgium as a recruiter. Let us introduce him to you.

After completing his social studies, Ive started working as a social worker with fresh enthusiasm. He gave children with learning and behavioural problems the support and guidance they needed to be able to keep up at school.  Although the job gave him plenty of purpose, it cost him loads of energy. “Being a social worker is something you really need to be passionate about – I felt that this passion lays elsewhere”. He decided take a different turn on his career.

Social skills

A friend tipped him off to a job as an HR consultant. Good advice, as it turned out that this job has a lot of similarities with his skill set. It also gave him the opportunity to grow in the field of commerce and business. Via this job he eventually got to Perfact, where as a recruiter he will be doing what interests him most: people.

He uses his experience as a social worker especially in the interviews he has with potential new colleagues. “I always make sure that I have a good sense of where the conversation is going, so that the candidate does not feel like they are listening to some sort of prerecorded tape. By using different types of interviews and questions, we get to the right information which enables me to determine whether this is the right person for the job in question”.

Informal working atmosphere

Apart from the job itself,  he is also very happy with his new colleagues. “Such an informal working atmosphere as we have here is not something to take for granted. People can tell you a hundred times that you can ask them anything, but you still feel like a burden if you do. Here, there is no need for them to mention it, because you just know. You can just speak up, even when something is bothering you”.

As it turns out, everyone at the office in Antwerp has a good time. “We work hard here, but we also laugh just as hard.

Curious about our vacancies in Belgium? Do not hesitate to connect with Ive, he will gladly tell you more about it!