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In the world of the metal and mining industry, machine fault detection is key. The power of Industry 4.0 and predictive analytics recently played an important role in detecting and preventing a potential fan failure at a leading customer. This story is not only about technological innovation, but also how proactive approaches can minimise downtime.

At a client in the metals and mining industry, we recently achieved success in using Industrie 4.0. A test with our JOIN solution, in which two IIOT sushi sensors were placed on industrial fans, immediately revealed increased vibrations on our demo dashboard. Remarkably, these were detected before specific algorithms had been applied.

Rapid detection of increased vibrations

Using data from previous tests with predictive algorithms, we recognised patterns that revealed parallel misalignment. Analysis of the data showed a striking similarity to a previously identified failure pattern on a test bench. We could specifically relate this to a parallel alignment failure.

Machine fault detection with Industry 4.0

After careful inspection, in which the Machine Guarding was removed, it was confirmed that it was actually a parallel misalignment. This could also be seen on our dashboard, which visually nicely displayed a pattern.

The success of this story lies not only in detecting the machine fault, but more importantly in the ability to act proactively. Industry 4.0 enabled us not only to prevent potential failure, but also to understand the specific nature of the machine failure before it could have serious consequences.

This case highlights not only the technological advances, but also the practical benefits. Preventing fan failure not only resulted in more efficient equipment operation, but also minimised downtime and associated costs. And that’s where we make a difference!