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Our account team continues to grow. Also in Germany, where Maria Semenova has joined the team of Edwin de Jager and Christian Neumann as Business Support and Recruiter since 1 March. We would like to introduce her to you in more detail.

Maria was 8 years old when she moved from Odessa, Ukraine to Germany. In the 18 years that have passed, she knows the language and the country like the back of her hand. She studied insurance management at the Techinischen Hochschule in Cologne. After completing her studies, she started working as an assistant to a diplomat of Tatarstan, an autonomous republic of Russia. “Together with the representative of Tatarstan, we were the connection between Germany and Russia to do business in the automotive sector. We were mainly responsible for Daimler’s projects. I planned and recorded the meetings between ministers and the diplomats involved. But I also made sure, for example, that the products in Leverkusen were made ready for delivery to Tatarstan. A tough job at times, which is why I decided to look for another job when my daughter was born three years ago. I wanted a better work-life balance,” Maria says.

She found another job at AO managing a team in a call centre. “At the time, this job was fine and I could concentrate on both work and my daughter. But soon I realised that I was looking for more of a challenge. Fortunately, I was asked for an interview at Perfact. It was a pleasant introduction and we immediately clicked”, Maria continues.

“In the short time that I have been working at Perfact, I can really say that I am in the right place. I have met many nice colleagues and no working day is the same! I am getting to know the organisation better every day and over time I will develop more recruitment activities so that I can move up to account manager for the North Rhine-Westphalia region. I am good at bringing people together and I can use my own network for this. In this way, we are developing and growing steadily in this region. There are currently still some interesting positions available, so take a look at our website or get in touch with me,” Maria concludes.