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Through this way, we announce the acquisition of N3M Coaching and TranceVorm. As a result of this acquisition, we are introducing two new colleagues within the Human Development Department. As of June 1, we welcome Nathalie Meertens and Renato Azzarito.

This expansion follows Karina Peters’ new role within our organization and the need for further support from transformational coach Jean Peters, due to the growing demand for coaching programs. Karina will remain involved in team coaching, the talent programs and management and leadership development in addition to her new position as HR manager.

Nathalie Meertens

Nathalie Meertens has extensive experience as a professional coach, counselor and trainer. With a comprehensive and systematic view of coaching, Nathalie has focused on group coaching and counseling individuals and families in recent years. Her approach is characterized by a combination of empathy, insight and incisiveness, which she uses to guide people in a meaningful way.

Nathalie is characterized by her personal commitment and use of humor to create a safe and open environment. She is known for her ability to step outside the box and allow for spontaneous developments.

Renato Azzarito

Renato Azzarito joins Perfact Group as a passionate coach and trainer specializing in guiding individuals and teams. Renato brings a unique blend of enthusiasm and empathy, combined with keen insight into personal and professional issues. He is skilled in coaching sparring, making connections between business, personal and private aspects to arrive at profound insights and practical solutions.

Committed to development

These new additions to the team underscore our commitment to providing high-quality coaching and training. We are excited to welcome Nathalie and Renato to our team. Their expertise and unique approaches will further strengthen our ability to deliver customized solutions in coaching and personal development. Perfact Group looks forward to the positive impact both coaches will have on the development of their clients and the overall success of the organization.