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Projects are complex. There are many different components that need to be managed. Keeping track of everything and knowing how one factor affects another can be challenging. If not done properly, this can lead to the failure of a project.

Project Integration Management is the coordination of all elements in a project. This includes coordinating tasks, resources, stakeholders, and other project elements, in addition to managing conflicts between different aspects of a project, balancing competing requests, and evaluating resources.

From Practice

For example; what if a project is not on schedule? What choice do you make? Assessing such a situation and making an informed decision is an important part of managing project integration. There is a good chance that a project will not succeed if you do not understand how a change will affect the project’s schedule, costs and resources. With the result that you don’t have the people needed, exceed the budget, deliver the project late, or perhaps all three. “With the experience we, as Perfact, bring from practice, plus the knowledge we have gained from PMI (Project Management Institute), we can ensure that the project does run successfully,” says Ronald Janssen, Senior Consultant at Perfact.

Project management = Perfact

From our PMI background, we have been embracing the guidelines from PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) for some time now. This contains the ten most important knowledge areas of which Project Intergration Management is the basis. It is considered a critical success factor for project managers and their projects.

As a knowledge partner we go through the various knowledge areas and underlying processes together with the project manager and give them substance together. The result is a project management plan, consisting of underlying plans for each of the knowledge areas, in which agreements and working methods for the project are included.

“Such a plan is a handhold for the entire project. It ensures that at the start of the project the expectations of both parties are well defined and measurable. It gives insight into how the project will be delivered and helps to keep an overview. In the event that a project is delayed, you can make a better and quicker informed decision.
We support you in all areas, both strategically and in the execution to ensure that the project is still completed successfully. As said, some projects are complex. But with our experience and knowledge we can make the difference and no project is impossible”, concludes Ronald.