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Last month, Tim Smeets joined our team. As an account manager, he now works alongside Edwin de Jager and Maria Semenova, forming our Germany account team. We took a moment to get to know him better, so we can introduce him to you. Meet Tim!

Tim was born 26 years ago just a stone’s throw from Abshoven, in the Kluis neighborhood of Geleen. Though he spent his entire childhood there, he decided to study in Aachen after high school. Driven by his interest in sustainability, he chose to study Technical Environmental Science (Umweltingenieurwissenschaften), a program focused on engineering from a sustainability perspective. After successfully completing his degree, he went on to earn a master’s in Environmental Process Engineering.

Commercial Role

Shortly after graduating, Tim was approached by Perfact for a project with one of our clients. When that didn’t turn out to be a match, another opportunity opened up: account manager for our Germany division. Though Tim hadn’t initially considered a commercial role, he was excited when it was proposed to him, especially because of the blend of people and technology. After a few conversations, both Tim and our colleagues were convinced: this role was perfect for him.

While adjusting to structured office days after his student life took a bit of time, Tim has enjoyed his first weeks at Perfact immensely. He particularly appreciates the human touch of the organization. According to him, Perfact has a clear mission and vision, but never loses sight of its people. Tim feels valued as a person by his colleagues and was fully integrated into all activities from day one.

Pub Quizzes and Frikandellen

During his studies, Tim met his girlfriend. After commuting back and forth for a while, he now lives in Aachen as well. In addition to Dutch and Limburgish, he speaks fluent German. His family has since moved to Belgium. When asked where he would prefer to live, he can’t choose. “Every country has its pros and cons. In the Netherlands, things are less hierarchical and people are more relaxed. But in Germany, things are more organized,” says Tim. A combination of all three is ideal for him. “On my plate, you’ll find German fries, Belgian mayo, and Dutch frikandellen,” he adds. “The best of three worlds!”

In his free time, Tim enjoys various sports, including fitness, handball, and soccer. His curiosity also defines him; he loves trivia and is always up for a pub quiz. Additionally, he likes to develop new skills and hopes to learn various types of DIY work at night school in the future. Gardening is another activity that helps Tim unwind.

Tim’s enthusiasm and curiosity are a great addition to our team. We wish him lots of success and, most importantly, lots of fun in his new role!