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On September 18, it is World Cleanup Day. In a short time, this day took on a totally different meaning. Thousands of inhabitants of Limburg in the Meuse basin saw their homes, stores, streets or even entire neighborhoods flooded at the end of July.

Of course we still sympathize with those affected and see that for some the recovery has a long way to go.

Commitment to sustainability

As the water subsided, the havoc really came to light. In addition to the devastating effect that water can have, an unprecedented amount of waste was carried along the way. And that is where we; HAAN Industrial Group, Perfact and ProfCore are going to join forces and lend a hand.

Together, we will dedicate ourselves to sustainability during the World Cleanup Day. Many areas have already been cleaned up, this is not yet the case everywhere. So we roll up our sleeves, take a grabber and a garbage bag and go out together to collect as much (plastic) waste as possible. In this way we contribute to a cleaner world.


The common thread in this collaboration is the investment in the next generation. Whereas we previously worked together on the knowledge of the future, we are now joining forces in the field of sustainability. With our joint participation in World Cleanup Day, we want to set a good example and dedicate ourselves to nature. Because only with everyone’s commitment can the next generation continue to make a difference!