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Jasper Hoppenbrouwers works as a Maintenance Engineer for Perfact in Antwerp. He has managed to develop himself in the field of Lean Six Sigma and has future ambitions within Project Management. Meanwhile, he has been working at Perfact for 6 years for various clients, something he still enjoys doing.

“The nice thing about working for Perfact is that you always carry out a different project for a different client.
That keeps my work exciting and challenging.”

Current Job

As Maintenance Engineer at a petrochemical company, Jasper helps decide on the life cycle of the plants. He monitors periodic and predictive maintenance and helps think about how asset life can be sustainably improved in the future.

“The nice thing about working at Perfact is that, via large and small projects, I can alternately get a taste of another function with which I have less experience – mostly at other clients. I am currently working in Antwerp, but due to Perfact’s extensive portfolio I have also had the opportunity to work for clients in Beerse, Ghent and Geleen (the Netherlands),” Jasper indicates.


Due to the varied environments, projects and clients, you learn a lot in a relatively short time. Development is the common thread within Perfact. We think it is important to invest in colleagues, so that they personally improve.

Thus, Jasper has already had the opportunity to take several Lean Six Sigma courses and is currently Green Belt certified. “The courses within Lean have stimulated me so much that I really have ambitions to grow further within this specialism. But in addition, I am also curious to see whether a position as Project Manager is something for me. In short, plenty of ambitions that I discuss with my account manager and that we try to realise together,” says Jasper.


For now, the Antwerp region still offers plenty of opportunities for Jasper. Within the Port of Antwerp, but also at other leading organisations based in this region.

“This job is close by for me and I still like the city where I also spent my college days, so I know it very well. Being close by also keeps space for my private life where I like to undertake things with friends. That work-life balance works well at Perfact. We work hard but there is also room for fun. Privately but also definitely during drinks and parties at work!”, Jasper finishes.