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We continue with the introduction of our account teams. Perfact operates with approximately 180 employees across various regions. For the past few years, we have been actively working to establish a presence in the North-West Netherlands region.

In this region, the dynamic account team of Roel and Jilke is ready to assist you. Let’s quickly get to know them.

Roel and Jilke, it’s great to have the opportunity to speak with you. Could you tell us a bit about yourselves and what you do?

Jilke: “I’m Jilke Hellinga, 39 years old, and I have been working as an account manager for about 4.5 years, responsible for expanding our business in the North-West Netherlands region. Roel joined the team with great enthusiasm about 1.5 years ago, and it has been fantastic. We complement each other well, provide balance when needed, and uplift each other when necessary.”

Roel: “Yes, the team spirit is excellent! It’s essential to build a strong team in this region. We aim to radiate this positive and enthusiastic atmosphere to our colleagues in the region because it’s not just about us; it’s about them. Personally, I’m 32 years old, living in Utrecht, and I have a passion for technology. In addition to my account management role, I also work on some consultancy assignments for Perfact.”

And in your personal lives, what are your main interests?

Jilke: “People who know me are aware that I frequently travel abroad. I combine my love for football with my interest in photography. I guide groups of people with similar interests, and together we visit sporting events, particularly football matches. Perfact maintains a good work-life balance. During these trips, Roel manages just fine without me, and fortunately, he keeps himself busy as well, so there is mutual understanding.”

Roel: “I also enjoy sports, but in a different way. I like to stay active. I used to play field hockey, but now I focus on running, climbing, occasional fitness, and skiing, which is one of my great passions. I recently did a ski tour, where you hike uphill and then ski downhill. However, all these activities are balanced out by my Burgundian lifestyle inherited from my roots in South Limburg. So, I also take the time to enjoy good food and drinks!”

Regarding the region you’re responsible for, North-West Netherlands, what does it entail, and what are your roles there?

Jilke: “Compared to other regions, our reach is quite extensive. The region stretches from Bergen op Zoom to IJmuiden and extending to Arnhem. Essentially, it covers everything in between. So, in that sense, it’s a large region. This requires efficient time management as we like to visit our clients and colleagues in person. That’s where the strength lies, in personal connections.”

Roel: “It’s also a challenging market with a lot of competition from service providers, both agencies and independent contractors. We differentiate ourselves through the services we offer and the development opportunities we provide for our colleagues. Additionally, we strive to build a strong team because together we can achieve more.”

Jilke adds: “It’s challenging, but that’s what makes it fun. The successes we achieve now are particularly special.”

To achieve those successes, are there any specific areas you are currently focusing on?

Roel: “Currently, it’s essential to establish a good reputation and build sustainable relationships. We have been steadily making progress, acquiring several great clients and assembling a small but fantastic team of colleagues. So, our efforts are starting to pay off.”

Jilke: “Indeed, we are currently focused on relationship-building. It takes time and patience, sometimes taking one step back to ultimately move three steps forward. But maintaining those connections is crucial.”

As mentioned, the growth in this region is going well, and you are making good progress. You currently have a relatively small team of 15 colleagues, but there are still many vacancies. What kind of people are you looking for?

Roel: “Primarily, we are looking for enthusiastic technicians. We consider individual qualities rather than focusing on a specific group of people. We aim to have a diverse team of colleagues, encompassing different ages, knowledge, and competencies.”

Jilke: “Currently, we are recruiting suitable candidates ourselves. However, we recently opened a vacancy to add a dedicated recruiter to our team. This way, Roel and I can focus more on the business, our colleagues, and clients.”

That sounds great and promising for achieving some ambitions. Where would you like to see yourselves with this region in five years?

Jilke: “Our initial goal is to have our own office where we can build a core team and establish a strong hub for Perfact in this region.”

Roel: “Yes, a solid foundation with as many happy colleagues as possible. This foundation is crucial for standing strong in this market. The more satisfied our colleagues are, the better we perform as a team, and consequently, the better we can deliver projects or advisory assignments to our clients.”

Why do you enjoy working for Perfact?

Roel: “It’s an authentic company where a sense of companionship and authenticity permeates the entire organization. Additionally, there is a strong focus on sustainable investment in knowledge, people, and technology. You also get the opportunity to work on various projects for different organizations in the technical industry… PLUS, the parties are top-notch!”

Jilke: “I can only echo that sentiment!”

At Perfact, we have various job openings, including positions in North-West Netherlands. Take a look at our website. Alternatively, feel free to contact Jilke orĀ Roel for a chat to learn more.