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Perfact employs more than 180 colleagues spread over the regions (South) Limburg, Northwest Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Most colleagues work for a client on a project or are seconded; our Account teams, on the other hand, maintain contact with current clients but are also ready to meet new colleagues or clients.

Also from Antwerp, where Kirsten, Mattias and Ive form a close-knit team for the Belgium region under Maarten’s leadership. Maarten is the first in this series and tells a bit more about himself.

Tell us briefly about your background, what did you do before joining Perfact?

I originally followed an IT education and gradually moved into this position.
In 2007, I joined a similar agency to Perfact as a Recruiter where, after several years, I progressed to recruitment coordinator for Belgium and the Netherlands in combination with a commercial function.

Tell us about your current job and what does it entail?

As regional manager, I am responsible for the Belgium region, operating in Flanders from Ghent to the Limburg Kempen region. I do this together with a team of Recruiters and an Account Manager from our office in Antwerp.

Besides maintaining commercial relationships with existing customers, I also take care of business expansion so that we can put Perfact even more widely on the map. I also monitor our project staff and interview potential colleagues.

When have you had a good working day?

I get a lot off energy from scoring new assignments, a good office atmosphere and contact with people in general. For me, a good working day is one where there is a good laugh. There are periods of hard work, but the bow should not always be tight.

What makes your region unique?

I don’t know if it really makes our region unique, but we try to give everyone the right attention and ensure good engagement.

What makes you really happy outside your work?

Apart from work, I keep myself most busy with my wife and 10-year-old son.
In addition, I am an amateur investor and listen to various podcasts on this every week.
I also like going out for dinner, but I very much enjoy cooking myself and love a good glass of wine. So I am a true bon vivant and bon vivant!

If you had one more day to live what would you do and what would you definitely eat? And why?

I would still spend this time with family and friends by throwing a big fat party with all the trimmings. Then ending the day with the best whisky and cigar.

Why do you like working for Perfact?

Perfact has a nice family atmosphere without too much hierarchy with fun meetings on a regular basis. You also get a lot of freedom in carrying out your job and you receive the necessary support where necessary.

At Perfact we have many different types of vacancies, including in Belgium. Take a look at our career website. Or feel free to contact Maarten and chat further with him.