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Perfact employs more than 180 colleagues spread over the regions (South) Limburg, Northwest Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Most colleagues work for a client on a project or are seconded; our Account teams, on the other hand, maintain contact with current clients but are also ready to meet new colleagues or clients.

Also from Antwerp, where Kirsten, Mattias and Ive form a close-knit team for the Belgium region under Maarten’s leadership. Kirsten, Recruiter for Belgium is the third in this series we introduce to you.

Say Kirsten, Perfact is your first real employer after your studies. What did you study?

I studied applied psychology at Thomas More Hogeschool in Antwerp. My specialisation in this is work and organisational psychology. In my position as a Recruiter, I can apply this background well and it is a good first work experience.

You are Recruiter for the Belgium region, what does that entail?

Together with my colleague Ive, I am responsible for finding suitable candidates for our vacancies. We try to bring in candidates by searching our database, on LinkedIn but also via vdab and Indeed. We try to draft good vacancies to enthuse potential new colleagues. That’s why I would like to make a suggestion: take a look at our career website and who knows, we might have each other on the line soon!

And what makes you very happy in your job right now?

I think the working day is successful when I have found enough candidates for our vacancies. If then one more new colleague gets to start, I’m completely happy!

The working atmosphere is also important for a good working day. This is always super at the Antwerp office.

Your working area extends in Flanders and Brussels. What makes your region unique?

This region is not necessarily unique, but what makes our team special is that we assist each other in our tasks. If someone needs help, there will always be someone ready to help. We also do various fun team activities outside working hours such as going out to dinner, play darts, go to a virtual escaperoom, etc.

We are also always there for our colleagues working at our clients. In case of questions or problems, we always try to support them as quickly as possible and find solutions.

What do you like about working for Perfact?

Perfact finds your own development important. In my case, when I started I was given an induction plan where I was assisted on-the-job. Moreover, this year I’m attending a training course to broaden my knowledge and further expand my skills.

At Perfact there is a loose working atmosphere, not only at our own office in Antwerp but also with our direct colleagues in the Netherlands and Germany. It is always a nice atmosphere when we see each other and you can go to anyone for a good chat or advice.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? And why?

Mexico is at the top of my list. It is a country with several contrasts, along one side you have the beautiful Mayan culture and jungle and along the other side pearly white beaches and an underwater snorkelling paradise. There are many fun activities in this place. This is where I hope to travel one day.

At Perfact we have many different types of vacancies, including in Belgium. Take a look at our website or feel free to contact Kirsten and chat further with her.