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In the past weeks, we have already introduced Jilke and Roel and the Belgian account team. This time it’s Team Zuid’s turn, the best team of our organisation (their words, not ours).

When the team members have all answered the question which personality trait suits them most, they can’t help but laugh. They all consider themselves a people person. “But to be honest,  we all are” Fred adds. “And that’s a good thing, because that it’s essential in our profession.”

Dream team

Team South consists of Fred (36), Niels (33), Sylvana (24) and soon Noëmi (26). From his position as regional manager, Fred takes on a coordinating role and is ultimately responsible within his team. In this, he is supported by account managers Niels and Sylvana. Together, they deal with multidisciplinary project management and recruitment. To this end, they keep in close contact with both clients and colleagues – to think along with various requests for help from organisations, but also to keep a close eye on the potential of colleagues and respond to this when the opportunity arises.

As of mid-July, Noëmi will join the account team as a new member. She has just finished her facility management studies and will use her people skills to support Niels and Sylvana in recruiting new colleagues and coaching existing employees at our clients in the region.

While Fred is mostly busy at home with his 1-year-old daughter (and a son on the way!), Niels and Sylvana have each put their time into renovating a house. In terms of hobbies, they vary (motorcycling, playing football, shopping and going out), but they definitely have one thing in common; enjoying the burgundian life. A hobby that comes in handy at our weekly Friday afternoon drinks, by the way.

Work hard, play hard

The real ‘perfacter’ exists, says Fred. Someone with a sense of humour, but also a down-to-earth, hard worker who is willing to invest in himself to progress. “We are not ‘jacket-tie’ people, that doesn’t suit our clients in this region either. We come in with an “enne jong” (Limburgian expression similar to ‘what’s up’), have a cup of coffee together and then go straight to work. It’s okay to have a bit of a laugh in between, as long as we keep producing good work together.”

“I think it’s especially important that we don’t take ourselves too seriously,” Niels adds. “That down-to-earthness also ensures that the focus is really on helping the client. We would rather build a long-term, lasting relationship than just ‘score’ a quick assignment. That makes that we have come to see some clients almost as a kind of colleague – which allows us to work together pleasantly.”

Not only does the account team build long-term relationships with clients, but also with their employees. “Unlike many consulting and secondment agencies, our colleagues all have their own contact person,” says Sylvana. “That starts as early as recruitment and placement with the client, and continues with guidance and coaching throughout their career at Perfact. We find it important that someone is in the right place, can use their capabilities to the full and continues to develop. Being linked to the same person who guids you is a nice added value and keeps the threshold low.”

Like a family

What will Perfact look like in five years’ time? Fred: “Perfact is growing and that is great, but we definitely want to prevent colleagues from feeling like a number here. That doesn’t suit our culture either. We work hard to keep a good atmosphere.” For that reason, too, they are happy that Noëmi will soon join the team – this leaves enough time and space to give everyone the attention they need.

There is a lot of laughter within the account team on a regular basis. “That’s good too,” Niels thinks. “We often get bogged down in work and sometimes really have to prioritise. Then it’s no fun when you start being super serious to each other. Just laughing about something nonsensical for five minutes takes the pressure off a bit.” They also have to do their best not to laugh at each other. Sylvana: “We have a sense of humour that nobody understands. One time, we had to record a video with a Christmas message. While everyone else had a normal, funny video, we came up with something silly that only we thought was funny. Ah well, our colleagues are used to it by now.”

Whether it’s a good conversation over a cup of coffee, laughing at silly jokes or voicing a Christmas message, Team South is ready for both clients and colleagues. Want to be part of the Perfact team in Limburg (or beyond)? Then check out our vacancies quickly – who knows, maybe we’ll see you soon at one of our Friday afternoon drinks parties!